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Our services include residential and commercial fertilizing, compost tea, dry compost, soil activator, core aeration, overseeding and weed management. Please find more information about these on the Services section below.

About Us

Shay Lunseth

As a mother of two and an animal lover, making wise and healthy decisions for my family is extremely important to me.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with an individualized BA degree in Mass Communications, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, and Housing Studies. In 2019, I obtained a Masters of Professional Studies in Horticulture from the University of MN.

In much of my past work experience I have focused and expanded my knowledge toward issues that involve bettering our environment. In the winter of 2010/2011 I began to stay at home with our two children and thus had the opportunity to help my husband with his commercial lawn care business. During this time, I encouraged him to start a secondary organic lawn care business that promoted a service that fit in with our values and beliefs at home. In my spare time, I enjoy biking, camping, swimming, playing soccer and spending time with my family.


Eric Lunseth

After working in the lawn and landscape industry for over 10 years, I started my own commercial lawn care company in 2007, LUNSETH Lawn Care Professionals. I was familiar with organic lawn care and always curious to learn more about it. After the birth of our first child, both Shay and I realized how vitally important it was to us to keep synthetic fertilizers and herbicides away from our property. The health of our children is just not something we're willing to gamble on, especially when alternative options are available. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Mass Communication with a minor in Geography. In my free time, I enjoy running, fishing, golfing, hunting, playing softball, and spending time with my family.

Why Organic?

Because it's better!

If you've read about synthetic fertilizers, then you know people who use them are getting their lawns "hooked" on chemicals. The more you put down, the more you need. With an organic program, nothing goes to waste and nothing is washed away.

The soil microbes eat the protein in the organic fertilizer. This benefits the lawn because it is a natural process.

Synthetic fertilizers don't replace valuable nutrients and are more susceptible to leaching into our lakes and rivers. Organic fertilizer feeds your lawn while improving overall soil quality. The nutrients in organic fertilizers promote microbial activity and over time turn your root zone into a self sustaining environment.

Most importantly chemicals applied on our lawn negatively effect us, our children, animals, our water supply and the environment overall. This negative effect is found after many years of low exposure. Studies are now revealing the side effects of these chemicals in our lives, none of which are good.


Our best for your lawn!

Organic Lawns by LUNSETH provides lawn care services per the specifications below. Residential contracts are designed for you to have the opportunity to choose the services you would like performed based on the suggestions and pricing we provide for you. We serve the Twin Cities Metro (call for specific service areas) and Rochester. Below are the services provided and a description of each service.

100% Organic Fertilizer with corn gluten meal (OMRI certified)


This OMRI certified 100% organic fertilizer contains a balanced food source for your lawn/soil. Because it's 100% organic there are no "fillers" and no synthetic chemicals. This is pure lawn food.

Corn gluten meal application


Our corn gluten meal application in April provides food for your lawn as well as a pre-emergence barrier for weeds (prevents seeds from germinating). Corn gluten meal should be watered in after application to help ensure a proper barrier.
Note: Corn gluten meal prevents seeds from germinating. This includes grass seeds. Please don't seed your lawn at this time. Also, don't expect to see instant results from using corn gluten meal. Every consecutive year you apply CGM - assuming proper timing and rate - should give you better results than the year before. By the fourth year, weed control should be very good.

Compost tea application


Compost tea application is a liquid application of compost. In essence, it's the "espresso" version of compost. It contains all the beneficial bacteria of compost, but without the organic matter and labor cost.

Dry compost application


Dry compost is normally recommended in the first year of an organic lawn care program. It adds organic matter and beneficial bacteria to your soil, which are essential in aiding the organic fertilizer to feed the root zone of your lawn. Composting is most important in the 1st year of a new organic lawn care program to provide beneficial microorganisms to a lawn that is currently craving synthetic fertilizers. Composting can be done each year, or can be eliminated when the lawn environment is working successfully on its own.

Liquid iron


Iron is a micro-nutrient found naturally in soil and is also used to fertilize many plants. We treat the lawn with liquid iron one time each year. This treatment is targeted specifically at dandelions and the application is timed based on when the dandelions have all emerged. As it treats multiple species of broadleaf weeds, it also has the benefit of greening up your lawn. It is safe for children and pets to go on the lawn after it dries.

Fall core aeration


Core aeration mechanically removes 1"-3" plugs from your lawn and deposits them on the surface. Core aeration relieves soil compaction and improves air/water circulation in the soil. Nutrients are better able to reach the root zone of the plant. Core aeration is the best way to promote plant and soil health naturally.



A dense, thick lawn will crowd out weeds. The goal of an organic program is to build that type of lawn. Overseeding, in combination with core aeration, deposits a special mix of lawn seeds that help fill in with good grass and crowd out unwelcome guests (weeds). We use a custom blend of sun/shade seed that incorporates top performers based on the latest NTEP results for Minnesota. We also choose varieties that have little input requirements, such as nitrogen and water. Diversity is key!!! A variety of seed types and cultivars are beneficial for all lawns because they help suppress disease, pests and weeds. It is also aesthetically pleasing, while providing a good stand that can overwinter successfully.



We offer a variety of landscaping services including permeable pavers, patios, retaining walls, grading and mulching. Click here to find a full list and more detailed information about our landscaping services.

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