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Why Use Corn Gluten Meal for Lawns?

Looking for an organic alternative to synthetic chemical herbicides? Meet Corn Gluten Meal (CGM), an effective pre-emergent weed preventer used for controlling crabgrass and other common weeds in your lawn.

Organic Corn Gluten Meal 101

Before we discuss the benefits of applying corn gluten to your lawn, let’s first define what it is and how it works:

CGM is a natural by-product of the corn wet milling process. It contains essential nutrients, such as proteins, to inhibit root growth during seed germination. It is also a natural source of nitrogen (9-0-0) to help keep your lawn green and lush. 

The key to CGM is applying it to your lawn before (not after) the germination process begins and weeds have already taken root. 

Note that as this is an organic lawn solution, it will take some time to continue to prevent the seed from germinating naturally. With each year of application, the percentage of how much it prevents will increase (e.g., 25% the first year, 50% the second year, and 75% the third year).

Each year you use CGM, the better the results. This is why most gardeners notice a significant difference in their lawns after the third year of application. Therefore, patience (and timing) is essential to the success of CGM. 

For more information on how CGM works and helpful tips on how to prep your lawn and successfully apply this pre-emergent herbicide for best results please visit our guide, or contact us.

3 Benefits of Corn Gluten Meal for Lawns

Now that you have some background on this organic solution for weed control, let’s review a few benefits you can expect to see in your landscape.

Natural Weed Control

You probably guessed this one already, but even the most seasoned gardeners struggle with weed growth in their yards. 

CGM stops weeds/seeds before they start. By halting cell division in the roots, which seeds rely on to grow during the germination process, CGM helps you get to the ‘root’ cause of your weed problem. And as we noted, the longer you use CGM on your lawn, the more effective it becomes.

Better for Lawn Care

In addition to ridding your lawn of weed growth, CGM won’t harm the surrounding trees and plant life in the process. Because CGM is a natural solution, you don’t need to worry about it changing your soil’s pH or damaging your grass.

Don’t forget, CGM is high in nitrogen (9%), which means it supplies your soil with the food it needs to thrive.

Non-Toxic = No Worries

Aside from the fact that synthetic chemical herbicides cause damage to our soil, grass, and surrounding vegetation, they are also health hazards to our kids and pets. Because CGM is natural, you don’t need to worry about your family coming into contact with toxic chemicals.

Though CGM isn’t harmful, it’s recommended you try to keep ‘Fido’ away from CGM until you water it for the first time. Though CGM is an ingredient in some pet foods, it can give your pets a tummy ache if they eat too much of it in its raw form. Watering it in will reduce or eliminate your pet’s ability to consume it.

Ready for Organic Weed Control?

CGM might just be what you need! Of course, in order for it to be successful, timing and proper application is essential. That’s where we can help!

At Organic Lawns by Lunseth, we have years of experience in carefully and effectively applying OMRI-certified corn gluten to lawns and achieving impressive results that protect your lawn and the environment. 

If you’d like to get started, or if you have more questions about this organic method, we encourage you to contact us today!

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