Homeowner holding dandelion in front of green lawn.

Liquid Iron for Lawns

Now that you’re spending more time outdoors cutting and maintaining your lawn, you may be wondering how your neighbor always seems to achieve that vibrant green color year after year. And why is it they never seem to have any dandelions or moss growing in their yard but you do?

The answer might be simply that they’re treating their grass with liquid iron. 

What’s Liquid Iron?

Good question! Liquid iron for lawns is an iron-based weed control that’s bound to a chelating agent, which disguises the iron as an amino acid. As a result, broadleaf weeds—such as clover, dandelions, and plantains—think it’s food. And while stubborn weeds end up absorbing too much of the iron, your grass takes in just the right amount, stopping when it’s had enough.

What happens next? Your weeds will end up dying off while your lawn receives the valuable micronutrients it needs to give you that healthy green color you’re after. 

Is Liquid Iron Good for Lawns?

When applied correctly, liquid iron can work wonders for your grass. In addition to killing off weeds, without the use of harmful chemicals, it helps mitigate iron deficiencies in your grass, resulting in healthier and greener lawns. 

Other Benefits of Chelated Liquid Iron for Lawns

  • Liquid iron is a non-toxic solution to weed and moss control
  • Through the process of iron oxidation, weeds quickly dry up, turn black, shrivel, and die within hours. 
  • Results can be seen within hours of first application

When to Apply Liquid Iron to Lawn

At Organic Lawns by LUNSETH, we recommend applying liquid iron around the time dandelions, and other common weeds, are starting to bloom. You may also be able to apply liquid iron in the fall, when the temperature is cool, and there is ample moisture. 

Homeowners often ask us how often to apply liquid iron to lawns. For best results, you may need to repeat the application in 3 to 4 weeks after the first spray. 

To address weeds, such as creeping charlie, clover, plantains, and thistle, 3-4 applications may be necessary; however, you don’t want to apply this treatment to the same area more than 4 times a year max.

Liquid iron may take up to 1 hour to dry, so remember to keep your kids and pets off the lawn until your grass is completely dry.

Note: Your lawn may experience some discoloration after the first application. However, unlike weeds, your grass will rebound.

How Do I Apply Liquid Iron?

Moderately spray the liquid iron in your turf while being mindful of desirable plants around the area and other non-target objects. 

If you or your plants do come into contact with the spray, be sure to rinse off with water, as it can be a mild skin irritant. 

A few words of caution:

Correct application of liquid iron for grass is key to its success. Therefore, be sure you follow these essential rules before you get started:

  • If grass has become stressed due to hot temperatures or a drought, avoid application.
  • Don’t apply if rainfall is expected within 3 hours of the time of application.
  • Don’t apply if the temperature is expected to exceed 85° F.
  • Always read instructions carefully before straying
  • Call an expert when in doubt!

Need Organic Help with Your Lawn Care?

As a homeowner, you already have enough on your plate. Why not get professional support for your lawn with some help from Organic Lawns by LUNSETH. We offer professional organic lawn care services, including chelated liquid iron applications! 

We’re always here to answer your questions and offer up our best organic solutions. Contact us with questions or concerns at any time. 

Here’s to a beautiful summer and a lusciously green yard ahead!