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Compost Tea Application Services

Applying dry compost is a tried and true option to improve your soil organic matter and microorganism populations, but what if you could go beyond the cost and mess and utilize compost in a liquid form? Organic Lawns by LUNSETH offers exactly that— Organic compost tea, a water-based extract of compost that can be effectively used in organic turf management.

Compost tea is made of two ingredients: Compost and water. Since the key ingredient is compost, it’s particularly important that when making compost tea, it actually contains good compost and that it is also successfully aerated. That’s why Organic Lawns by LUNSETH applies only aerated compost tea made from the highest quality organic compost around—organic compost that consists of the right balance of chemical compounds, is rich in nutrients, and contains beneficial microorganisms.

Why Have Your Lawn Treated with Compost Tea?

At Organic Lawns by LUNSETH, we like to think of organic compost tea as the “espresso” version of compost.

Organic compost tea can have a number of positive effects on your lawn, including:

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It adds nutrients to your lawn:

The compost in compost tea can contain a number of important macronutrients that are beneficial to your lawn—including magnesium and potassium, while also containing helpful micronutrients, such as iron and zinc. Applying such nutrients can boost overall soil quality.

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It’s good at reaching important areas of your lawn:

Compost tea doesn’t just reach deep into the soil, but it also comes into contact with leaves and is absorbed through foliar feeding.

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It can help with weed control:

Adding compost tea can improve soil quality, which in effect, can discourage weed growth (notably, some weeds thrive in lawns that don’t contain a sufficient amount of nutrients).

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It can repel insects:

Compost tea can contain microbes effective against chitin, a biopolymer that forms the exoskeletons of insects; it can also improve overall plant quality in a way that makes plants less susceptible to harmful insects in the first place.

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It may help with plant disease control:

According to the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides, compost tea has shown some promise in controlling diseases in plants when applied as root drench—helping against some soil-borne diseases.

Applying Organic Compost Tea To Your Lawn

During the application process, we blanket apply the aerated compost tea to your entire lawn. The lawn will green up quickly, so results are seen right away. This is a great way to give your lawn a mid-season boost.

Adding compost tea to your organic lawn care plan can be an effective means of increasing microorganisms, improving your soil quality and the overall health of your lawn. By applying compost tea you can trust that you’re utilizing a safe, organic solution that excludes pesticides and synthetic chemicals.

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