Corn Gluten Meal Application Services

Corn Gluten Meal Application Services

Weed control is a key part of managing any successful lawn. To fight against weeds, Organic Lawns by LUNSETH utilizes 100% OMRI-certified organic corn gluten meal (CGM), a natural by-product of the corn wet milling process. Application of CGM to your lawn serves a dual purpose: to reduce the germination of many weeds and to fertilize the soil with its naturally-occurring 10% nitrogen content. CGM also contains 60% protein by weight—making corn gluten fertilizer a great component for your organic lawn.

Corn Gluten Meal Halts Weed Germination

Corn gluten meal (CGM) acts as an effective pre-emergent against weeds by halting cell division in the roots that they rely on to grow during the germination process. Without these roots, weeds such as crabgrass are stopped in their tracks before they have a chance to mature.

CGM Works Gradually — And Effectively

While utilizing corn gluten for lawns is an effective means of pre-emergent weed control, it’s important to understand that it gradually becomes more effective and it’s typically most productive during its third year of application. CGM can take some time to build up in soil and as it does so, it increasingly disrupts weed germination as a pre-emergent.

To effectively treat your lawn using corn gluten meal, we pay particular attention to factors including: Application rates (the amount of CGM applied to your lawn) and timing. Early spring is the most effective time of year to apply a CGM treatment. A strategic application of CGM by the Lunseth team ensures controlled results, targeting crabgrass and other weeds while  avoiding disruption of grass seed germination.

Preparing Your Lawn Before Applying CGM

Before CGM can be applied to your lawn and work in an effective manner, it’s important that some preparation occurs. You should ensure that:

  • The lawn is being regularly mowed before application
  • A spring cleanup occurs: This can include raking leaves and cleaning up debris such as fallen tree limbs and sticks. The more thorough the cleanup is, the more effective CGM will be on your lawn
  • If you’re planning to seed the lawn yourself, that this is done 2-to-4 weeks before CGM is applied (you can seed after application; see below for details on how to seed following CGM application)
Raking leaves before applying corn gluten meal to lawn
Hand applying seed to lawn

Aftercare For Your Lawn (if you’ve waited to seed)

If you’re not planning to seed 2-to-4 weeks before CGMl is applied, it’s important to ensure that after CGM application occurs:

  • You wait at least 6 weeks to seed
  • Or if you don’t wait 6 weeks, sow seed into ¼” layer of new topsoil

Need an Organic Weed Control Solution

Corn gluten meal for weed control is an effective alternative to using synthetic chemical herbicides that can pose a number of risks both for the environment and health.

At Organic Lawns by LUNSETH, we have years of experience in carefully and effectively applying OMRI-certified corn gluten to lawns and achieving impressive results that protect your lawn and the environment. 

To learn more, request your free quote today and let’s get started.