Lawn Aeration and Seeding Service

Lawn Aeration and Seeding Service

If you’ve noticed your lawn’s grass turf is thin in areas, the cause may be due to compacted soil. In this situation, the soil struggles to receive sufficient air and water, which is essential to your lawn’s overall health and makes it harder for grass and other plants to grow properly.

To prevent soil compaction, Organic Lawns by LUNSETH offers a comprehensive core aeration service that relieves soil from compaction and promotes natural plant and soil health. This service is often combined with seeding to help fill in and thicken your existing lawn.

Other Signs Your Lawn Is Suffering from Soil Compaction

In addition to thinning areas in your lawn’s turf, other symptoms your lawn may display if affected by compaction include:

  • Browning of grass blades
  • Water collecting on top of the ground without draining into the soil
  • An inability to puncture the ground with a shovel or other tool as easily as before
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Causes & Effects of Soil Compaction

Soil compaction occurs in lawns for a variety of reasons, including foot traffic and the utilization of heavy yard equipment. Quality soil contains water, air, and key nutrients integral to healthy plant growth, but when soil is compacted, its pores—open spaces in the soil—become closed off, blocking these grass-nourishing ingredients from entering the ground and feeding your grass.

Another result of compaction is that plant roots have a harder time spreading deep into the soil. According to the University of Minnesota, inhibited root systems can result in plants experiencing nitrogen and potassium deficiencies. Compacted soils can experience more weed growth as grass thins leaving room for persistent invaders. Plantain is often a good indicator of compact soils.

How Core Aeration and Seeding Work Together

When Organic Lawns by LUNSETH carries out a core aeration project, we pull plugs of soil from your lawn to create small holes, opening it up with new pores that allow key nutrients to flow into the soil and reach the root zone. Aeration services are often combined with seeding over your established lawn, also known as overseeding. With holes already created, seeds can settle deep in the soil rather than just on the surface, making them much more likely to reach germination.

At Lunseth, we want your lawn to thrive naturally, so when selecting the custom seed mix for your overseeding application, we choose grass varieties that will thrive in your yard’s unique microclimate. When you aerate your lawn and overseed, the result is a thick, green lawn that is safe and chemical-free.

Optimal Application

We recommend aerating yearly and doing so annually for a concurrent 6-year period, especially if the initial grass coverage is sod. When combined with overseeding, aeration is most effective when done during the fall season because this time of year provides a unique balance of temperatures: Soil is still warm enough and yet the air becomes cool—creating an environment that is great for germination. Fall lawn seeding and aeration are especially effective when combined in tandem.

Ready for a Healthier, Greener Lawn?

Trust the Lunseth team to help you improve the quality and appearance of your outdoor space using core aeration and seeding services. Contact Organic Lawns by LUNSETH to learn how we can help you solve your lawn issue and keep your yard looking green and fresh for the long-haul.