Certified 100% Organic Fertilizer

Certified 100% Organic Fertilizer

Organic Lawns by LUNSETH’s organic fertilizer solution provides a proven alternative to chemically-based lawn care — delivering a number of benefits that aren’t possible when treating your lawn synthetically. Being 100% organic means our fertilizers contain a purely balanced food source and do not feature synthetic chemicals that can be detrimental to your health and harsh on your lawn. By hiring us to apply our 100% OMRI-certified organic fertilizer to your lawn, your grass won’t just look great, it’ll be healthy in a way that’s very environmentally advantageous.

Organic Lawns Deliver Better Soil Quality

Key nutrients contained within our organic fertilizer encourage microbial activity that transforms the root layer of your lawn into a self-sustaining environment—with the quality of the soil improving in the process.

Organic Lawns Provide Better Erosion Control

Longer roots that form due to organic treatment make your lawn better protected against erosion, as roots form a netlike layer that protects soil from sliding away—keeping your lawn strong and steady.

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Organic Lawns Are Safer For Children

Our organic fertilizer does not contain pesticides that can be harmful to infants and children, who are more sensitive to the effects of toxic chemicals than adults according to the National Pesticide Information Center.

Organic Lawns Protect the Surrounding Environment

By using our organic fertilizer, you can rest assured that you’re protecting the surrounding environment, as our organic fertilizer does not contain pesticides that are susceptible to spilling into lakes and rivers, causing algae growth and contaminating the groundwater that fills our precious freshwater aquifers.

Organic Lawns Are Safer For Your Pets

Chemically-based fertilizers can prove hazardous to the health of your pets—particularly if they spend a lot of time in the yard. By choosing our organic pet safe fertilizer, you’re eliminating dangerous chemicals that your pet could encounter in the yard and also track into your home.

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Organic Lawns by LUNSETH’s organic fertilizer products are 100% certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), an industry-leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit that reviews and ensures products meet modern organic standards. When you choose our organic fertilizer, you’re embracing an all-encompassing lawn solution that’s not only dependable and good for your grass, but most importantly, the people and animals on or near your lawn.

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No matter the current state of your lawn, the type of soil it features, or whether it’s residential or commercial, we’re confident our organic fertilizer solution can improve the quality of your grass.

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