The Organic Lawn Program

The Organic Lawn Program

Keeping your lawn healthy and green requires a consistent effort and long-term maintenance. At Organic Lawns by LUNSETH, we provide just that. We’ve designed a year-long organic program that is scheduled for optimal seasonal timing, provides appropriate lawn nutrition, introduces low-maintenance grasses and addresses weeds in a non-chemical way. Working the standard program for 3-years will ensure the best results from our organic approach.

Our standard organic lawn program covers four trips to each home per season. Treatments typically occur as follows:

Early Spring

Corn Gluten Meal:

We treat your lawn with organically-sourced corn-gluten meal (CGM) that works to halt germination in weeds while acting as an effective fertilizer for grass. Application results of CGM are gradual, with changes increasingly visible as CGM builds up within the soil. 85% suppression of new weeds occurs after 3-years of spring corn gluten meal.

Late Spring

100% OMRI-certified Organic Fertilizer:

We treat your lawn with a balanced blend of 100% certified organically-sourced nutrients (turkey litter, feather meal) that replenish the soil and feed your grass.

Liquid Iron:

Next, we treat your lawn with liquid iron that provides just the right amount of iron (a valuable micronutrient) for grass, but creates unfavorable conditions for some broadleaf weeds.

  • Liquid iron is particularly effective when used against broadleaf weeds such as dandelions.

Late Summer

Light Application of Corn Gluten Meal:

We treat your lawn with a second light application of corn-gluten meal. This combats the winter annual weeds that germinate in the fall.


Core Aeration:

We pull out plugs of soil in the ground to loosen soil that has become compacted—allowing it to receive air and water that is essential to promoting healthy plant growth, while providing space for grass roots to spread and grow. The aeration is combined with overseeding —a process that helps thicken and diversify your grass stand.

Hand holding seeds over lawn to begin overseeding lawn treatment.

Custom-blended Overseed:

We treat your lawn with overseed based on sun/shade levels. This is a proprietary blend that we update each year using the latest NTEP results that identify the best grasses for Minnesota. We look for species that overwinter well, have high allelopathic characteristics (naturally suppress surrounding weeds), requires less inputs (nitrogen, water, sunlight) and have high disease resistance.

Apply 100% OMRI-certified Organic Fertilizer:

We treat your lawn with organic nutrients that replenish the soil and feed your grass. This is the most important fertilizer application of the season, as it is stored in the winter to help with spring growth.

Green grass in the sun

Optional Organic Add-On Services:

  • Apply Compost Tea: We treat your lawn with compost tea, a water-based extract of fertilizer. When added to your lawn, it delivers much needed nutrients to the roots in an easy-to-absorb format. This helps feed existing turf and works to improve soil quality.
  • Apply Dry Compost: We treat your lawn with dry compost, which nourishes your lawn by adding beneficial bacteria to its soil. Dry compost is especially effective at feeding your lawn’s root zone. We can combine this with additional seed work for bare and dog-spotting areas.
  • Edging: This is done to create even lines on the concrete and curb areas, while it eliminates weeds in those hard-to-reach edges.
  • Extra Liquid Iron Treatments: We can treat your lawn again with liquid iron. One lawn can receive up to 4 total applications per season. Extra iron applications are necessary for stubborn weeds such as creeping charlie, clover, plantains and thistle.
  • Mosquito Control: We can treat your yard with cedar oil spray to effectively control mosquitos for 3-weeks.
  • Grub Control: We can apply grub control for homeowners that have a history of lawn decline based on grub populations that are excessive.

Improve the Care and Quality of Your Lawn with LUNSETH

Our applications and products are designed to help your grass look its best every year and work in a manner that is safe for you, your family, and your pets. Ready for a healthier lawn? Contact the pros at Organic Lawns by LUNSETH and enroll in an organic lawn program that delivers real results.